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What is HydroMX?

HydroMX is a revolutionary patented organic heat transfer fluid developed for use in hydronic heating, cooling and solar systems. HydroMX when replacing water or glycol, increases heat transfer which translates into energy savings. This innovative technology reduces energy, oil, gas or electric, consumption by up to 35%!

No matter what the energy source, or how efficient the boiler or chiller is, HydroMX improves the efficiency of the whole system by transferring energy more effectively.

Furthermore, HydroMX is specifically formulated to help prevent corrosion and calcification in the system - which could lead to inefficiency and damage of your system. It has been proven to be effective in real world applications, university studies, and system manufacturer tests.

HydroMX is certified under the BuildCert Chemical Inhibitor Approval Scheme to:

- Inhibit corrosion of vital metallic parts such as pipes and radiators

- Prevent scaling up of the system, and in particular the boiler

- BuildCert CIAS Approval allows boiler manufacturers, installers and consumers to have peace of mind that their hot water systems are protected

How Does HydroMX Work?

HydroMX uses Nano Thermo technology to increase heat transfer in the most commonly used heating, cooling and hydronic solar systems by heating up and transferring energy in a shorter amount of time. HydroMX has been proven by both field applications and scientific analysis. HydroMX has international and domestic patents, and has been tested by numerous scientific and engineering specialists.

What Is Nano Thermo Technology?

Nano Thermo Technology rearranges the molecular structure of the fluid improving thermal conductivity. When combined with other innovative features of HydroMX, this technology changes the dynamic performance of the system so that it uses less energy to maintain the required comfort temperature.

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