The History of Air Conditioning

A Brief Look at Air Conditioning's History and Its Impact on Society.

Beyond Light, HVAC

Some not-so-obvious areas of energy use can yield significant savings for facility executives looking for efficiency gains

HVAC benchmarking

Analyzing your facility’s operating information is the first step to reducing utility costs and to measuring system performance gains

Seven Steps to Chiller Efficiency

The essential elements of a strategy to hold down energy costs and increase equipment reliability

New Demands, New Opportunities

Strategies exist to help today’s HVAC systems meet increased needs — if you know where to look

21st Century HVAC

Flexible, high-efficiency systems are a good investment today, but with impending deregulation, they may be absolute necessities tomorrow

Here and Now

President Clinton says the Kyoto Protocol won’t slow the economy because energy efficiency is profitable. HVAC technologies — energy-efficient, proven and underused — could help prove him right

HVAC Systems: A Closer Look

A strategy combining Web technology, financial analysis and condition assessment can help managers detect and correct problems

Cutting-Edge Performance

Facilities reap benefits from advances in HVAC technology

HVAC Choices in the Age of Deregulation

Shifts in electric rate structures will complicate decision-making, but bring new options and opportunities for savings